Every Saturday & Sunday May 20 – July 2, 2023 — 10:30 am to 6:00 pm — 150 Locust Road in Harwinton, CT

Shows & Entertainment

Prepare yourself for a day of fun and festivity that will have you coming back for more. Our entertainers travel from around the country to bring you something truly unique. We’ve got an unforgettable combination of action, comedy, and family fun that is perfect for any family adventure.

Unless otherwise noted, we include all performances with your admission. Some performers may busk for tips. Please tip at your discretion.

Schedule Last Updated June 8 at 11:16 am.


Aaron Bonk – Fire Whips & Swords

[June 11 to Jul 3]: Don’t miss this three-time international performance champion and five-time Guinness World Record-setting whip artist. Laugh at Aaron’s twisted sense of humor as he risks his life for your enjoyment with stupefying acts of juggling, whip cracking, danger, and craziness. You’ll be amused and amazed by his seriously ridiculous stunt show spectacular. For more information, check him out online at 


Brothers Blackquill

[May 21 to June 5 only]: Join Johnathan and Quentin in their quest to write the greatest play ever written. With their trusty bag of scrolls and suggestions from the audience, watch as the Brothers Blackquill create a brand new hit play on the spot. A completely improvised show where you influence the story, create the characters, and determine what happens next!


Clan Tynker

[June 18 thru 26 only]: Watch this troupe of brothers and sisters performing a stunning array of talents in a fanciful “Vaudeville” style of a circus. This all-ages performance presents a fantastic menagerie of entertainment from around the world set to an exciting live musical soundscape. See dazzling juggling skills, stage magic, stilt walking, unicycle riding, central-Asian dance, comedy, sword swallowing, and fire-eating. The show culminates with a dizzying array of dangerous stunts and climaxes with a spectacular fire performance.


Cu Dubh

[July 2-3 only]: Hold onto your seat for the sounds of ancient thundering war drums and skirling dual bagpipe as you’ve never heard before. Tribal warrior music at its best, The warrior music lives on through a new generation with authentic old-school heavy metal music: Viking, Pagan, Celt, Raider, Lover, Fighter. Like a boot to the head: thunderous crack with ringing harmonies, it is music for the warrior in all of us. Grab your sword and go.


Erika the Harpist

Watch as Erika’s fingers dance across the strings of her traditional harp. Here you’ll be enchanted by gentle music that will capture your heart and mind.


Gregor the Minstrel

[June 25 to July 3 only]: As the founding member of the band Bedlam, Gregor the Minstrel has entertained audiences with instrumental wizardry and traditional songs of love and magic, murder and betrayal, drinking and merriment on both land and sea. Join this wizard of the Irish bouzouki as he enchants your toes-a-tapping and tugs on your heartstrings.


Knighting Ceremony with Queen Eleanor

Has your child brought honor to their house and name? Have them present themselves to Queen Eleanor at the hour of ONE BELL of the CLOCK at the Village Stage to receive their accolades! This ceremony happens just before the Royal Parade, but at the end of the Boons & Favors show. Don’t miss this fantastic photo opportunity.


L.I.A.R.S. – Ladies of Integrity, Aristocracy, Repute and Society

[May 28-29 only]: Proper ladies Modesty, Temperance, Charity, Constance, and Serenity find their delight in bringing a song to every corner of the world they visit! These tunes are most often in the form of their lovely harmonies, rousing renditions of sea chanties, and merrily sung traditional folk music.


Lady Ophelia’s Dance

Watch, dance, frolic, and “flirt the old-fashioned way” as you become entwined in dance’s history, joy, and traditions. Don’t miss this interactive performance.


Les S. Moore

[June 4 thru 12 only]: He’ll steal your stuff while making the world a better place for 30 court-ordered minutes at a time. Reformed pickpocket, Les S. Moore reveals the insider tricks dippers use to steal your things without you even knowing. Les is one of the world’s top stage pickpockets, can perfectly fold a fitted sheet, invented the umlaut, and is a prolific practitioner of prevarication. When you want laughter and amazement, Les S. Moore.


Linwe the Belly Dancer

[May 21 to May 29 only]: Linwe is a passionate belly dancer that brings a creative and upbeat presence to the dance stage. You’ll be dazzled by her veil and swordwork skills. Come back for more, as each show is a new experience that will delight you.


Live Armored Combat

Things just got real. See why plate armor ruled the battlefield for more than 100 years in this unscripted battle with real weapons, real armor, and real pain. Every fight is unique, and anything can happen as you cheer for your favorite knights. Prepare to be impressed during these intense battles.


Luku the Mad Skald

[May 21 to May 29 only]: Catch this fun and entertaining show featuring a mixture of traditional songs you hear at the faire, Norse folk songs, and a bit of madness. You’ll be singing and drumming along to Luku’s unending energy. When Luku the Mad Skald is around, quirky and fun aren’t far behind.


Magic with Master Hildebrand

[June 4 thru 12 only]: As a master of magic, you never know where Master Hildebrand will appear. Discover him wandering the lanes of the shire or even on stage at the pub, where he will astound audiences and leave you wondering, how did he do that?


Mike OJ – Street Magician

[June 18, 19 & July 2,3 only]: Now you see it. Now you don’t. Stop for a spell as Mike OJ enchants fairgoers in the streets of the shire with elusive sleight of hand and street magic.


MooNiE the Magnif’Cent

[Jun 18 to July 3 only]: The MooNiE Show is an immersive silent comedy experience that brings the audience in using whistles and gestures that will put you in stitches. Adding to the comedy is MooNiE’s mesmerizing balancing and juggling skills, creating an enjoyable family-friendly show that has something for everyone.


Randal Piper

[June 4 thru June 26 only]: A fully bearded baby was born long ago, and that infant is now a man-child and bard known as Randal Piper. The gods blessed him with a golden voice, and he travels the realm performing his intergalactically renowned critical hits.


Supernova the Strongwoman

[June 25 to July 3 Only] Join Supernova as she bends steel, smashes stone, and demolishes expectations. Thrill as this world-class force of nature brings her daredevil acrobatics, superhuman strength, and family-friendly comedy to Nottingham!


The Crown Players Present…

Our in-house acting troupe will be presenting several shows throughout the day. Their creative presence will be known from the opening gate to the final farewell. Join them on the Greenwood Stage for the “Royal Greeting,” where The Sheriff of Nottingham will welcome Queen Eleanor, Prince John, and their entourage to the Faire. The Greenwood Stage will also be the location to witness Robin of Loxley’s first encounter with John Little in “Let The Better Man Pass” and the solution to “A Taxing Situation” when good conquers evil. On the Crown Players Stage, one might enjoy “Musical Tidings,” where the good gentles of the shire bring their talents to share, or “Magical Melodies,” a combination of science, magic, and music


The Harper & The Minstrel

Jay and Abby Michaels play over a dozen traditional instruments specializing in lovely ayres, ballads, jigs, reels, and traditional dance. Their vast repertoire includes unique arrangements of music ranging from Medieval Spain’s thirteenth Century Cantigas de Santa Maria to the tune of Elizabethan era English Lutenist John Dowland to 17th Century Irish Harper Turlough O’Carolan and much more.


The Jackdaws

This trailblazing trio will energize you with original, contemporary, and traditional Irish rock. Their driving melodies and relentlessly aggressive lyrics will bring you back for more.


The Joust

Cheer for your favorite Knight as lances shatter on the battlefield. Witness combat on horseback with lance and sword during this historic battle of horsemanship and skill at arms presented by Spur of the Moment Jousting.


The Knights Encampment

Visit the encampment of the noble Knights of Gore, and see how the knights prepared for battle long ago. Meet the knights and squires, and discover more about their weapons and armor. Learn the techniques of sword usage at their exciting Knight School. Can you impress the senior Knight and earn honorary knighthood?


The Sirens of Circe

[May 21 thru 29 only]: Vibrant and fun, The Sirens of Circe will lure you in with melodic songs and keep you there with their energetic personalities. There’s a little temptation for everyone, from beautiful ballads to witty drinking songs and all the bawdy pleasures in between.

Activities & More to do

When you’re not exploring our bustling marketplace or watching shows, we’ve got plenty of activities to keep you busy. These activities may have a fee associated with them. Our themed weekends may have additional contests and activities not shown here.

Double Dog Rescue

Meet the dog of your dreams at the Double Dog Rescue booth! Sign up to adopt, foster or just donate to help them out! Check out their website to see who’s ready to join your home. They will be here every day of the spring faire. Let’s save ALL the doggies!

Dice Knight Adventures

Join us for an amazing interactive LARP that turns your whole faire experience into a giant game! Earn experience points and level up as a warrior, rogue or wizard. Join us on quests throughout the day. *Fee applies. Learn more.

Frog Avenue

Do you have what it takes to land your frog on the floating lily pad? Score points with each successful toss! Win FABULOUS prizes!

Off With Your Head

Don the knightly suits of old! Arm thyself with the mighty pugil stick! Test thy metal against friend and foe alike. Take thine opponents head and thou shall be named victor! There can be only one!

The Maze

Take a stroll through the Maze as you hunt for lost treasure!


Step up to the line and test your skill at archery! This is where Robin and his Merry Band practice (and you thought it was in his mom’s garage). Can you hit the bullseye?

Knighting Ceremony

Check your schedule to make sure you don’t miss out on the Knighting Ceremony! Brave young squires and ladies can appear before Queen Eleanor or one of our knights to be elevated to Knighthood. Applicants must be brave, honest, chivalrous and noble of deed.

Knight School

Children of all ages will enjoy learning what life was like for Knights and Squires.

Fight the Knight

Think you can fight a knight…for the princess? to the DEATH? Well, we won’t take it that far, but you can challenge one of our knights to see if you can win the day. Great fun for kids AND adults!

Hurl Bats

Looking to take out some aggression on a wall of rough-cut lumber but Axes and Daggers are a bit too much? Try our hurl bats! Violence that anyone can enjoy!

Axe Throw

Axes are all the rage now-a-days, but we’ve been doing it for years! Come play the OG version of the latest craze!

Dagger Toss

They say a skilled thief can put three daggers on target without looking. We don’t recommend that, but can you get at least ONE to stick in?

Test of Strength

Are you big? Strong? Tough? Brave? Think you can ring the bell? I bet you can’t. Give it a try at the Test of Strength!

Tomato Torment

Throw tomatos at some poor bloke with his head stuck thru a hole. Great family fun! Make Salad Fun Again!

Jacob’s Ladder

Do you have what it takes to navigate Jacob’s Ladder? Watch how it’s done, come up with your plan, and climb your way to the top without falling off. Easy, right? Think again. Great fun for all ages.