The Fun Begins on Saturday, May 20 — Huzzah!


The 14th annual

Robin  Hood’s  Medieval  Faire®

Where Fun Saves the Day™

We are open every Saturday and Sunday until July 2nd

Tomato Torment

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, prepare for an uproarious, laughter-filled experience like no other! Introducing the Insult Comedy Tomato Toss – Tomato Torment – where you get to pelt juicy tomatoes at a cheeky comic whose sole purpose is to entertain and challenge you with their wittiest insults.

Step right up and witness a truly unique spectacle as our daring comic – with their head peeking through a hole – dishes out humorous jabs, teasing and jesting to get you riled up. It’s all in good fun, and it’s your chance to let loose and Make Salad Fun Again!