Every Saturday & Sunday May 20 – July 2, 2023 — 10:30 am to 6:00 pm — 150 Locust Road in Harwinton, CT

What's New in 2022

As our show grows, so do the new and exciting things we offer. Here are 9 more reasons to visit us in 2022:

  1. Ticket Price Drop: We’ve lowered our ticket prices to match our sister show, The Connecticut Renaissance Faire.
  2. More Food Options: Say hello to the Faire-run “Royal Subs” with yummy $5 and $6 subs. Featuring Steak & Cheese.
  3. More Weekends: You asked for it, so we’ve added two more festive weekends to our show.
  4. New Themed Weekends: We’ve got four new themes to enhance the fun, including the Ulti-mutt Dog Weekend, Tabletop Heroes, All-Out Invasion, and Goblins & Fairies Weekend.
  5. After-Hours Events: For the grown-ups, we’ve added Nottingham After Dark and The Goblin King’s Midsommer Masquerade to our after-hours lineup. 
  6. More Cast: We’re doubling our cast of Players to fill the streets of Nottingham with interactive characters.
  7. New Shows: We’re bringing in A-list performances like Clan Tynker to give you a unique and high-quality event.
  8. Improved Gaming Area: We’re enhancing our current games of skill and adding even more.
Clan Tynker