Clan Tynker

[June 18 thru 26 only]: Watch this troupe of brothers and sisters performing a stunning array of talents in a fanciful “Vaudeville” style of a circus. This all-ages performance presents a fantastic menagerie of entertainment from around the world set to an exciting live musical soundscape. See dazzling juggling skills, stage magic, stilt walking, unicycle […]

Lady Ophelia’s Dance

Watch, dance, frolic, and “flirt the old-fashioned way” as you become entwined in dance’s history, joy, and traditions. Don’t miss this interactive performance.

Les S. Moore

[June 4 thru 12 only]: He’ll steal your stuff while making the world a better place for 30 court-ordered minutes at a time. Reformed pickpocket, Les S. Moore reveals the insider tricks dippers use to steal your things without you even knowing. Les is one of the world’s top stage pickpockets, can perfectly fold a […]

Supernova the Strongwoman

[June 25 to July 3 Only] Join Supernova as she bends steel, smashes stone, and demolishes expectations. Thrill as this world-class force of nature brings her daredevil acrobatics, superhuman strength, and family-friendly comedy to Nottingham!

L.I.A.R.S. – Ladies of Integrity, Aristocracy, Repute and Society

[May 28-29 only]: Proper ladies Modesty, Temperance, Charity, Constance, and Serenity find their delight in bringing a song to every corner of the world they visit! These tunes are most often in the form of their lovely harmonies, rousing renditions of sea chanties, and merrily sung traditional folk music.

Brothers Blackquill

[May 21 to June 5 only]: Join Johnathan and Quentin in their quest to write the greatest play ever written. With their trusty bag of scrolls and suggestions from the audience, watch as the Brothers Blackquill create a brand new hit play on the spot. A completely improvised show where you influence the story, create […]

The Maze

Take a stroll through the Maze as you hunt for lost treasure!


Step up to the line and test your skill at archery! This is where Robin and his Merry Band practice (and you thought it was in his mom’s garage). Can you hit the bullseye?

Knighting Ceremony

Check your schedule to make sure you don’t miss out on the Knighting Ceremony! Brave young squires and ladies can appear before Queen Eleanor or one of our knights to be elevated to Knighthood. Applicants must be brave, honest, chivalrous and noble of deed.

Knight School

Children of all ages will enjoy learning what life was like for Knights and Squires.