The Maze

Take a stroll through the Maze as you hunt for lost treasure!


Step up to the line and test your skill at archery! This is where Robin and his Merry Band practice (and you thought it was in his mom’s garage). Can you hit the bullseye?

Knighting Ceremony

Check your schedule to make sure you don’t miss out on the Knighting Ceremony! Brave young squires and ladies can appear before Queen Eleanor or one of our knights to be elevated to Knighthood. Applicants must be brave, honest, chivalrous and noble of deed.

Knight School

Children of all ages will enjoy learning what life was like for Knights and Squires.

Fight the Knight

Think you can fight a knight…for the princess? to the DEATH? Well, we won’t take it that far, but you can challenge one of our knights to see if you can win the day. Great fun for kids AND adults!

Hurl Bats

Looking to take out some aggression on a wall of rough-cut lumber but Axes and Daggers are a bit too much? Try our hurl bats! Violence that anyone can enjoy!

Axe Throw

Axes are all the rage now-a-days, but we’ve been doing it for years! Come play the OG version of the latest craze!

Dagger Toss

They say a skilled thief can put three daggers on target without looking. We don’t recommend that, but can you get at least ONE to stick in?

Test of Strength

Are you big? Strong? Tough? Brave? Think you can ring the bell? I bet you can’t. Give it a try at the Test of Strength!

Escape Room

Do you have what it takes to escape The Sheriff’s most diabolical torment yet? Try your hand at the Escape Room and see if you have what it takes to join Robin’s merry band!