Hildebrand Magic

Step into a realm of mystique with the sensational Kody Hildebrand at Nottingham After Dark! With a legion of over 700,000 followers on TikTok, this master illusionist has dazzled audiences nationwide. His performance is a whirlwind of charismatic charm and jaw-dropping magic, as he effortlessly melds sleight of hand with enchanting illusions. Under the moonlit […]

Michael Barboza-McLean

Friar Tuck Michael Barboza-McLean is delighted to return for a second year as full-time Merry Maker, and part-time God whisperer, Friar Tuck. If you need a good word with the man upstairs, then they’re the holy man you want to see! They have been performing with the Crown Players since 2018, and show no signs […]

Patt Miller

Since first donning the regal robes in 2012, Patt has had the distinct honor of breathing life into the character of Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine at the annual Robin Hood’s Medieval Faire. With each passing season, she eagerly returns to the kingdom, gracing the event with her commanding presence and regal charm. Patt feels truly […]

Knighting Ceremony with Queen Eleanor

Is your child ready to bring honor to your family name? Then mark your calendars for the hour of TWELVE AND FORTY-FIVE at the Village Stage, where they will have the chance to present themselves to Queen Eleanor and receive their well-deserved accolades! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that your child won’t want to miss. […]

Aaron Bonk – Fire Whips & Swords

[June 11 to Jul 3]: Don’t miss this three-time international performance champion and five-time Guinness World Record-setting whip artist. Laugh at Aaron’s twisted sense of humor as he risks his life for your enjoyment with stupefying acts of juggling, whip cracking, danger, and craziness. You’ll be amused and amazed by his seriously ridiculous stunt show spectacular. For […]