Highland Games

Get Ready for a Day of Strength and Tradition! The Highland Games are arriving at Robin Hood’s Medieval Faire! Join us on Saturday & Sunday, June 29 & 30, for an experience like no other as athletes compete in ancient Scottish contests! Witness the sheer strength of the Kinsmen Heavy Athletics in this nationally ranked […]

Cally’s Enchanting Trinket Trade

Join Cally’s Enchanting Trinket Trade at Robin Hood’s Medieval Faire! Take part in a vibrant tradition of creativity and community. Discover the joy of swapping unique handcrafted treasures at our Trinket Trade. Bring your own crafted baubles and trinkets to trade and exchange. In a time filled with challenges, unbalanced humors and Sheriff’s taxes it is time to join together in merriment and celebrate each other with favors of kindness. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a first-timer, you’ll find and share treasured memories, keepsakes and connections with other creative visitors to our beloved Nottingham Festival!

ChrisB’s Big Fire Show

June 8 thru June 30 only! Get ready for a heart-stopping, jaw-dropping spectacle! ChrisB’s Big Fire Show is a death-defying, awe-inspiring performance that will leave you on the edge of your seat. This fearless fire artist will mesmerize you with his blazing fire skills, daring stunts, and circus-like thrills. Witness the impossible, feel the heat, […]

Tohm-Foolery: Variety Circus

May 18 thru 26 only! Variety Circus promises stunts, danger, and, believe it or not, comedy! Training professionally, Tohm-Foolery has performed for the last 9 years at fairs and festivals, tent shows and theaters across the country. Witness a fresh take on circus that will leave you on the edge of your seats!

Roving Corsairs

May 18-19 Only! The Roving Corsairs is not simply music, but an interactive experience weaving sea shanties and Celtic folk tunes throughout fantastical stories about pirates aboard an airship. With a slew of musical experience, the three members of the Roving Corsairs converged to reimagine pirate songs and write their own. The collective instrumentation of […]

S.M.E.L.L. U

Welcome to Silliness, Mockery, Entertainment, Laughs & Libations University or S.M.E.L.L.U. Here children will learn about the history of jesters from the Masters of Morons themselves, Pester the Jester. With his Bachelors in Buffoonery, his Masters in Mockery, and his PHD in FUN(Finding Unique Novelties), Pester has a wide array of ridiculous knowledge to help […]

The Penniless Jacks

Special Guest Musicians! May 25 & 26 only! The Penniless Jacks are ready to rock the Robin Hood’s Medieval Faire with their charismatic brand of pub music! Their centuries-old shanties, boisterous drinking songs, rousing rebel tunes, and ballads of love will have you singing, clapping, and stamping your feet to their infectious energy. Join us […]

Jim Mackenzie – Comedian with Mad Skills

New for 2024! June 1 thru 9 only! Jim has been keeping vaudeville alive since 1985 and continues to add new original routines to the act. He learned to juggle at a young age from his dad. He picked up sword swallowing and other skills along the way, taught himself violin, and put it all […]


NEW for 2024! Weekends Except June 1&2 and 22&23. Timbalanced is a little bit circus, a little bit carnival, and a whole lot of fun! Step right up to see amazing juggling and maybe even win a prize. Beanbags will fly and cans will flip at the Can-Do Circus Carnival Show!

Thimbleberry the Woodsprite

May 18 thru June 23! Thimbleberry has collected magical and obscure fairytales to bring to the human realm in an interactive storytelling experience that will delight young and old alike! Between shows, you may find her wandering the lanes with a smile for everyone she meets.