Mike OJ – Street Magician

[June 18, 19 & July 2,3 only]: Now you see it. Now you don’t. Stop for a spell as Mike OJ enchants fairgoers in the streets of the shire with elusive sleight of hand and street magic.

Knighting Ceremony with Queen Eleanor

Has your child brought honor to their house and name? Have them present themselves to Queen Eleanor at the hour of ONE BELL of the CLOCK at the Village Stage to receive their accolades! This ceremony happens just before the Royal Parade, but at the end of the Boons & Favors show. Don’t miss this […]

Gregor the Minstrel

[June 25 to July 3 only]: As the founding member of the band Bedlam, Gregor the Minstrel has entertained audiences with instrumental wizardry and traditional songs of love and magic, murder and betrayal, drinking and merriment on both land and sea. Join this wizard of the Irish bouzouki as he enchants your toes-a-tapping and tugs […]

The Crown Players Present…

Our in-house acting troupe will be presenting several shows throughout the day. Their creative presence will be known from the opening gate to the final farewell. Join them on the Greenwood Stage for the “Royal Greeting,” where The Sheriff of Nottingham will welcome Queen Eleanor, Prince John, and their entourage to the Faire. The Greenwood […]

Linwe the Belly Dancer

[May 21 to May 29 only]: Linwe is a passionate belly dancer that brings a creative and upbeat presence to the dance stage. You’ll be dazzled by her veil and swordwork skills. Come back for more, as each show is a new experience that will delight you.

Cu Dubh

[July 2-3 only]: Hold onto your seat for the sounds of ancient thundering war drums and skirling dual bagpipe as you’ve never heard before. Tribal warrior music at its best, The warrior music lives on through a new generation with authentic old-school heavy metal music: Viking, Pagan, Celt, Raider, Lover, Fighter. Like a boot to […]

Clan Tynker

[June 18 thru 26 only]: Watch this troupe of brothers and sisters performing a stunning array of talents in a fanciful “Vaudeville” style of a circus. This all-ages performance presents a fantastic menagerie of entertainment from around the world set to an exciting live musical soundscape. See dazzling juggling skills, stage magic, stilt walking, unicycle […]

Lady Ophelia’s Dance

Watch, dance, frolic, and “flirt the old-fashioned way” as you become entwined in dance’s history, joy, and traditions. Don’t miss this interactive performance.

Les S. Moore

[June 4 thru 12 only]: He’ll steal your stuff while making the world a better place for 30 court-ordered minutes at a time. Reformed pickpocket, Les S. Moore reveals the insider tricks dippers use to steal your things without you even knowing. Les is one of the world’s top stage pickpockets, can perfectly fold a […]

Supernova the Strongwoman

[June 25 to July 3 Only] Join Supernova as she bends steel, smashes stone, and demolishes expectations. Thrill as this world-class force of nature brings her daredevil acrobatics, superhuman strength, and family-friendly comedy to Nottingham! https://circusstrongwoman.com