Vixens En Garde

June 5&6 only! The Vixens En Garde are an all-female fight company specializing in sword-fighting & Shakespeare; dedicated to being models of feminine strength & ability.

The Sirens

May 22 & 23 only! Vibrant and fun, The Sirens will lure you in with melodious songs and keep you there with their vivacious personalities. From beautiful ballads to witty drinking songs, and all the bawdy pleasures in between, there’s a little temptation for everyone.

Randal Piper

Many moons ago, a fully bearded baby was born. That child is now a man-child and that man-child is the Bard, Randal Piper. Blessed by the gods with a golden voice, he travels the country performing his intergalactically renowned critical hits. June 12th to June 20th only!

MooNiE the Magnif’Cent

May 22nd thru May 30 then RETURNING for final weekend, Jun 19-20. The MooNiE Show is an immersive silent comedy experience that brings the audience in using whistles and gestures to put everyone in stitches. Adding to the comedy is MooNiE’s mesmerizing balancing and juggling skills, creating an enjoyable family-friendly show that has something for […]

Luku the Mad Skald

May 22nd to May 30th only. Hello, my friends! Jeg heter Luku! Or in English: My name is Luku! Luku the Mad Skald is a fun and entertaining show featuring a mixture of traditional songs you hear at the faire, Norse folk songs, and a bit of madness in between. Featuring plenty of crowd interaction and […]

Street Magic with Master Hildebrand

Prepare to be Amazed! Astonished! Flabbergasted! Dumbfounded! And lots of other words! Master Hildebrand returns with his unique brand of pub magic. Find him wandering the lanes of the shire or maybe on stage at the pub. You never know where he’ll turn up!

Live Armored Combat

Swords, axes and maces, Oh My! Real weapons, real armor, real combat, real pain! See actual live combat that’s unscripted and intense. You’ve never seen anything like this, every fight is different, so ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! Cheer them on to see which Knight will win the Day! Twice a day for all FIVE weekends! Not […]

The Knights Encampment

Visit the encampment of the noble Knights of Gore, and see how the knights prepared for battle long ago. Meet the knights and squires, learn more about their weapons and armor. Learn the techniques of sword usage at our exciting Knight School. Can you impress the Senior Knight today and earn honorary knighthood?

The Harlot Queens

Sultry, singing Queens performing delightfully hilarious displays of debauchery; you’ll hear us perform some fan-favorite as well as original songs!

The Saucy Sailor

What do you do with a drunken sailor? We hire him! Find Jeffrey Tanner stumbling the streets of the shire going from pub to pub playing his sea shanties for your amusement and delight.