The Jackdaws

Hold onto your breeches, Nottingham! The Jackdaws are here to seduce your senses with their tantalizing tunes! Unleash your wild side as their pulsating melodies and daringly provocative lyrics ensnare you with their mix of original sinfulness, modern temptations, and Irish rock is intoxicating. Be warned – one taste and you’ll be insatiable for more. […]

Sirens of Circe

Steel thyself for a moonlit escapade as The Sirens of Circe weave their beguiling magic at Nottingham After Dark! These sylph-like minstrels, aglow with sultry mischief, will ensnare you with their enthralling voices and impish energy. From haunting ballads to bawdy drinking songs, their melodies beckon you to an intoxicating realm where merriment is laced […]

Burlesque Show

Sensuous. Bold. Enchanting. Immerse yourself in the enthralling world of burlesque dancing, where the captivating allure of two feather fans will leave you utterly spellbound. This mesmerizing show promises to ignite your senses and have you swaying in your seat to the hypnotic rhythm of the dance.