Eileen Goretaya

Now in her fifth season with the Crown Players, Eileen is thrilled this year to be playing Nurse to Lady Marian. You can catch her in her large white hat and French accent, be sure to say hello! 

Jack Miller

Sir William Marshall Jack been involved with theatre since a wee lad! Behind the scenes, he has been a set designer and builder as well as sound and lighting technician. On stage he has played a variety of rolls and is an active member of The Orange Players. This Faire marks his fourth engagement on stage […]

Michael Barboza-McLean

Friar Tuck Michael Barboza-McLean is delighted to return for a second year as full-time Merry Maker, and part-time God whisperer, Friar Tuck. If you need a good word with the man upstairs, then they’re the holy man you want to see! They have been performing with the Crown Players since 2018, and show no signs […]

Alexandra Bradley

Maid Marian Alexandra Bradley is thrilled to be playing Lady Marian at Robin Hood’s Faire again. She has been performing with the Crown Players since 2017.

Emily Rieser

Alina Pantulf, Handmaiden to the Queen Emily Rieser is playing Mistress Alina the handmaid to the Queen. She is very excited to have her first season with Robin Hood Medival Faire. 

Victoria Sun

Bella of Donna Victoria Sun is excited to return to the Robinhood faire after her debut in the CT Renaissance Faire 2021. She missed all the enchanting hounds and various creatures during the hiatus. 

Adrianna Neefus

Wilhelmina “Will” Scarlett Adrianna Neefus began performing with Faire in 2016. Past roles include Milanese Duchess Beatrice D’Este, Maid Marian, Queen Elizabeth I, and Wilhelmina Scarlett. She’s thrilled to be back to play with you all.

Christian DeMusis

Little John Christian has been attending Renaissance Faires for longer than he can remember, and he is very happy to now have a role in one.