Mike OJ Magic

Prepare to be spellbound as the masterful Mike OJ takes the stage at Nottingham After Dark! With a potent brew of card tricks, grand illusions, and riveting mentalism, his performance is a magical concoction that’s sure to captivate and enthrall. But beware, for Mike OJ’s sorcery knows no bounds – and with ample audience participation, […]

The Jackdaws

Hold onto your breeches, Nottingham! The Jackdaws are here to seduce your senses with their tantalizing tunes! Unleash your wild side as their pulsating melodies and daringly provocative lyrics ensnare you with their mix of original sinfulness, modern temptations, and Irish rock is intoxicating. Be warned – one taste and you’ll be insatiable for more. […]

Brothers Blackquill

Fasten your corsets, Nottingham! The audacious duo, Johnathan and Quentin, will take you on a riotous rollercoaster with their impromptu play! With scrolls in hand, they’re armed for laughter, but your devilish suggestions will steer the show! Take the reins, shape the plot, and prepare for a night of unbridled hilarity with Brothers Blackquill at […]

Hildebrand Magic

Step into a realm of mystique with the sensational Kody Hildebrand at Nottingham After Dark! With a legion of over 700,000 followers on TikTok, this master illusionist has dazzled audiences nationwide. His performance is a whirlwind of charismatic charm and jaw-dropping magic, as he effortlessly melds sleight of hand with enchanting illusions. Under the moonlit […]

Sirens of Circe

Steel thyself for a moonlit escapade as The Sirens of Circe weave their beguiling magic at Nottingham After Dark! These sylph-like minstrels, aglow with sultry mischief, will ensnare you with their enthralling voices and impish energy. From haunting ballads to bawdy drinking songs, their melodies beckon you to an intoxicating realm where merriment is laced […]

Lyndsey Luther

Back for her third stint as a costumer and fifth year as a cast member, Lyndsey re-enters the world of Robin Hood’s Faire, bringing a dash of Scottish charm through her character, Meg MacGillivray. A seasoned veteran of the theatre and cosplay, she’s been costuming since 2005, shining in contests nationally and internationally. Recently, she’s […]

D.J. Ayotte

Taking on the iconic role of Little John, classically trained D.J. has been captivating audiences with his diverse range of performances since his theatrical debut in 2015. From the poetic lines of Shakespeare to the fast-paced world of short films and the spontaneous wit of improv theater, D.J. has showcased his remarkable versatility on stage […]