Axe Throw

Axes are all the rage now-a-days, but we’ve been doing it for years! Come play the OG version of the latest craze!

Dagger Toss

They say a skilled thief can put three daggers on target without looking. We don’t recommend that, but can you get at least ONE to stick in?

Test of Strength

Are you big? Strong? Tough? Brave? Think you can ring the bell? I bet you can’t. Give it a try at the Test of Strength!

Tomato Torment

Throw tomatos at some poor bloke with his head stuck thru a hole. Great family fun! Make Salad Fun Again!

Jacob’s Ladder

Do you have what it takes to navigate Jacob’s Ladder? Watch how it’s done, come up with your plan, and climb your way to the top without falling off. Easy, right? Think again. Great fun for all ages.