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Entertaining. Colorful. Fun. The Robin Hood Springtime Festival is your chance to experience what a spring festival might have been like in 12th century Nottingham England.

The fun begins when you let yourself go, leaving your headaches behind. Revel in the day as you laugh, smile, and boost your mood with continuous themed entertainment throughout the day. Unless otherwise specified, all shows are included with admission. Some shows may busk (pass the hat for tips). If you enjoyed a performance consider showing your gratitude. Tipping is always done at your discretion.

Here is some of what we have in store for you. Unless otherwise noted, all contests and special events take place on the Village Square at 2:00 pm.

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Robin Hood returns to Nottingham after a winter tour of England with Queen Eleanor, and finds Nottingham…to be in very capable hands. Marion and the women of Nottingham have things well under hand…much to Robin’s confusion.   Follow Scenes 1, 2, 3 and 4 throughout the day starting at the opening gate!


Princess Tea Time

Once upon a time in Robin Hood’s Faire, there were two princesses who loved to entertain all the little girls (and boys!) of the realm. They’d teach them how to properly courtesy or bow to the Queen, how to properly sip tea and eat royal cookies, learn to dance in the courtly style and so [...]


Cu Dubh

When you hear the sound of thundering drums dancing alongside angry bagpipes you're not far from Cu Dubh.


Dragon Egg Hunt (May 21) 3:00PM

Dragon Egg Hunt: Don’t be late for our version of an Easter egg hunt. We've placed several hundred eggs around the festival and your kids (ages 0-9) can race around the shire to gather them up. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early by the front gate for the official start of this event as eggs go fast [...]


Finale in Song

Hear rowdy, bawdy, and traditional songs from history performed by the talented Nottingham Singers during the last show of the day.


I.B. Spies

Who says the cold war began in our time? Watch these two "simple British farmers" teach you what it takes to be a spy...



The royal parade winds through the streets of the Faire so everyone can enjoy the fun. If you’re dressed in costume consider marching with us or just watch the show from anywhere.



Be enchanted by the entrancing moves of Hip-notic with a dance form that is intriguing, sensual, with an element of mystery and a touch of danger. May 19 & 20 only.  


The Graces

Be enchanted by these sexy sirens of song with a glorious combo of innuendo and beauteous harmony.  These ladies will have you in stitches!