The Chamber Pot Tavern Featuring Dragonfire Meadery


Nothing better then watching a show with a crisp Ladon, an apple spiced mead.

Wandering Roses

Show your appreciation for your loved one.

Shamrock BBQ


Sink your teeth into Shamrock's succulent barbecued meats. Pulled Pork Brisquet Baby Back Ribs BBQ Chicken Dragon's Balls (meatballs wrapped in bacon) Mac'n'Cheese Corn Bread Soda/water

Petite Mort Accidental Fur

Good taste is never at the expense of an other... Petite Mort is the first couture label to ensure accidental fur.

Running Dog Pottery

Handcrafted pottery inspired by history. Jewelry and supplies.

Stone Sisters Boutique

Artisan-created, hand-selected, stunning sterling silver metaphysical gemstone jewelry including ~ pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets & necklaces.

Adventure Tomes

A "must have" for serious adventurers. These leather-bound tomes are crafted by Adventure Tomes to document all of your adventures.

Auntie Arwen Spices

What to add the perfect flavor to the meals you cook up? Add spice to your life with Auntie Arwen Spices.

Black Swan Armoury

Quality wooden swords & shields with a variety of handcrafted designs creatively from Black Swan Armoury.

Dragon’s Nest Designs

Handcrafted Medieval and New Age jewelry.


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Now is your chance to make your friends hang their heads in shame as you best them in this special game of darts.

Dragon Ice Cream


I scream. You scream. Enjoy the coolest ice cream in all the land only from Dragon Ice Cream.

Fun Tymes Jewelry

Become bejeweled with Fun Tymes Jewelry.

Fairie Tailor

Custom hand-painted cloaks.

Gypsy Vardo Pub featuring Thimble Island


A tasty selection of golden and amber beers.

Paisley Peacock Body Art

Experienced, professional, and talented, Paisley Peacock is available for events of any size, from the most fabulous wedding and biggest corporate party down to a private appointment for one.

Dragon Ice Cream Booth


Uncover the dragon's treasure and feast upon a delicious root beer float and other ice cream treats.

Face Candy Facepainting and Body Art

You look marvelous, but imagine how sweet you'll look with your face painted by Face Candy.

Fairy Hop Gift Shop

The Fairy Hop Gift Shop is home to orphaned garden dragons, fairy figurines and an eclectic mix of all things fairy.

Fairy Transformations

Fairy princesses stay in style at Fairy Transformations with fairy wings, flower wands, and fairy attire for the perfect fairy ensemble.

Festival Fotos

Let Festival Fotos dress you up and capture your royal image as a keepsake you can take home. Seize the day and the fun!

Nottingham Gift Shoppe

Show your love for the Robin Hood Springtime Festival with an event t-shirt, mug, hat, or other souvenirs.

Gypsy Hair

Gypsy Hair hand crafts a variety of beautiful hair falls that enhance your already attractive looks. We have what you're looking for.

Just in Tyme Boots

Just in Tyme Boots are the perfect fit for Renaissance Faires, Steampunk, Pirates, Re-enactment groups, or just wearing in the regular world.

Larry & Leenie’s Lusty Leather

Animal pelts and handcrafted leather goods crafted by the talented folks at Lusty Leather.

Majestic Kettle Corn


Majestic Kettle corn is a sweet-and-salty variety of popcorn seasoned to perfection. Grab a bag for the trip home!

Mother Earth Gourds / The Creature Shop

Mother Earth Gourds hand carves and paints a variety of gourds for home decoration and functional accessories. Stop in an say hello.

Mythical Journeys Adventurers Guild

Can you find the Mythical Journeys Adventurers Guild before the master thief finds you? No board. No dice. Just real, live action & adventure.

Oignucs Incense

At Oignucs Incense we create custom incense sticks and cones with unique scents. If you like incense, you'll love Oignucs Incense.

Pearl Odyssey

Pearl Odyssey allows the unique experience of picking your own pearl from a live oyster.  Its an adventure to delight young and old.

Ruths Royal Rags and Bags

Ruths Royal Rags and Bags has the ideal gift for that person always on the go: a handmade bag that won't sit on the shelf.

Rose Star Emporium

Be enchanted by sparkling fairy charms, semi-precious gems and delicate lace crafted with a touch of magic by Rose Star Emporium.

Sachs and Byrne

Treasure necklaces, secret watches, and other fantastic jewelry await you at Sachs and Byrne. You can't lose!

Six Pence Pie Company


Whether it is a savory meat pie or sweet dessert pie you won't be able to have just one pie from Six Pence Pie Company.

The Giants Turkey Legs


Feast like a king on the Giants Turkey Legs or savor each bite of his turkey sundaes and dinners. Turkey Legs Turkey Dinners Turkey Sundaes Turkey Sandwiches The Huntsman Sandwich (dark meat) Pretzels Lemonade/Soda/Water

The Pickle Place


Chase away the heat of the day with a crisp, cool pickle from The Pickle Place. Taste the crunch.

The Tiki Hut


It is hard to choose just one chilled pineapple or strawberry smoothy made fresh from The Tiki Hut.

Warlords Crusade Leather Armory

Get your adventurer on at Warlords Crusade Leather and discover some of the finest leather goods an adventurer could ever need.

We Keep You in Stitches

Bring home a soft sculpture fantasy figurine treasure crafted by We Keep You in Stitches and you’ll be back to collect them all.

Wise Woman

If you seek knowledge of the past, present or future... the Wise Woman knows by divining her tarot cards. Facebook