Robin and his men have a big problem: no money to give to the poor. Marion has the solution: her Uncle and Aunt are arriving from France with a substantial dowry as a wedding gift. There is a condition, however. They must approve of the high born noble Lord who married their beloved niece. What [...]

Kehdira the Wanderer

Come and see Kehdira the Wanderer as she dances to the exotic musical stylings of Alan-a-Dale at Robin Hood's Faire!

Spur of the Moment Joust Company

Spur of the Moment is a home grown stunt and equestrian team created almost 20 years ago. We are an independent team available for any style event.

Pub Sing

The villagers of Sherwood take to the stage to entertain you with a medieval version of "Stomp". Don't miss it!!

Witch Trial & Bear Baiting

A double-bill of traditional English entertainment - the original Bear-Witch Project (PG) The atrocious made amusing, the horrible made humorous and the terrible made to tickle your ribs!

Renaissance Man: Stand Up Tragedy

England's foremost Actor of Tragedies (Ned Alleyn) brings the festival a feast of interactive comedy! Leeching & Chamber Pots, Royal Foibles, Shakespeare, Greek Myths...oh, and juggling!

Drunk & Disorderly

RHF's own home grown 5 piece, high energy band.

The Hoop Enchantress

Watch Erin spin, twirl, and dance with her dazzling hula hoops. Feast your eyes as she manipulates her many shiny circles, using a bit of magic and wizardry to create beautiful shapes and patterns. She may even set her hoops aflame!

The Sheriff of Nottingham’s Court of Justice

The Court of Prince John: See justice served Nottingham style as Prince John and the Sheriff answer questions, pass judgment and award punishments during this fun and interactive show.

Knighting Ceremony

For your outstanding achievement by helping Robin Hood. Immediately following the 3pm Joust at the Tourney Field.

Knights School featuring The Knights of Gore

Explore an interactive knight encampment hosted by the Knights of Gore, learn combat moves with a sword, see armored combat demonstrations, join a quest, and learn how knights lived long ago.

Princess Tea Time

Once upon a time in Robin Hood's Faire. There were Princes & Princesses teas and chairs. Just inside the red building with white doors right next to The Greenwood Action Stage! Princess Tea Times are 3 times per day: 1:00 - 3:45 - 6:00. This is a FREE event for children Ages 0-12.


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What Robin Hood adventure would be complete without trying your hand at archery? Be sure to check when the daily archery contest is!

Archery Tag

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Archery Tag catapults you into a medieval battle where you face off against other archers in this all-or-nothing contest of skill.

Cu Dubh (May 20-21)

When you hear the sound of thundering drums dancing along side angry bagpipes you're not far from Cu Dubh.


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Now is your chance to make your friends hang their heads in shame as you best them in this special game of darts.

Daily Tournaments

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Join the Hitting and Stabbing Emporium for a daily Axe Throw Contest at 2:30 or Archery Contest at 3:30. Have fun and possibly win prizes!

Opening Ceremony


Join us just prior to opening gate for the day's introduction to the Robin Hood Springtime Festival.

Hitting & Stabbing Emporium

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Axes and Daggers and Spears - oh my! Get your medieval on and go for the full Robin Hood experience at the Hitting & Stabbing Emporium. Axe Throwing Contest - 2:15 P.M. Archery Contest - 3:45 P.M.  

Join the Merry Men


Now is your chance to join the Merry Men and Robin Hood! Don't miss this interactive show and be sure to have your camera ready.

Dog Trick Contest (May 14 Only)


Your dog is the most talented trickster around and now is your chance to prove it at our Dog Trick Contest.

Dragon Egg Hunt (May 21) 3:00PM


Dragon Egg Hunt: Don’t be late for our version of an Easter egg hunt. We've placed several hundred eggs around the festival and your kids (ages 0-9) can race around the shire to gather them up. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early by the front gate for the official start of this event as eggs go fast [...]

Finale in Song

Hear rowdy, bawdy, and traditional songs from history performed by the talented Nottingham Singers.

Maypole Dance


Celebrate spring and do a Maypole dance with us. What better way to welcome in spring than getting wrapped up in ribbon with friends?

Pet Costume Contest (May 13)


Dress your pet in a fantasy costume from the Middle Ages and see if they have what it takes to win our costume contest.



Once each day the royal parade marches through all the streets in the shire. Pick a spot and watch it march on by or join in the fun.

Prince John’s Plot

Is it any surprise Prince John is up to no good? See what he has in store for Robin Hood before it’s too late.

Smite the Knight

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Can you smite the knight before he smites you? Grab your sword and remember your training or this will be a short fight.

The Graces

The Graces: Sexy singing wenches with a glorious combo of innuendo and beautiful harmonies, these lovely songstresses will have you in stitches!

Three Pints Shy

Three Pints Shy is a raucous pub band, updating and reinvigorating the Celtic music scene. 

Vow Renewals (MAY 28)

Now is your chance to wear your wedding dress again and have your vows renewed by Friar Tuck. Our photographers are ready.