Pirate Invasion Weekend – May 19, 20

Avast! The Faire has been overrun by pirates! You can come as you are or break out that old pirate Halloween costume and get into the fun. Arrrrrr ya ready!?




Pirate Costume Contest: Unless they’re boarding your ship everybody loves pirates, so dress the part and come enter our pirate costume contest! Insider tip: The winners of this contest are often the ones that talk like pirates, walk like pirates, and really get into the whole pirate role. Do you have what it takes to win?

Contest Info: Unless otherwise specified, entry into all contests at the Special Events Stage are included with your same-day admission to the Faire. If you are planning to enter a contest, please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start. At the discretion of the contest host, some events may choose to limit the number of participants in a particular contest due to time restrictions.


Dragon Egg Hunt: Don’t be late for our version of an Easter egg hunt. We’ve placed several hundred eggs around the festival and your kids (ages 0-9) can race around the shire to gather them up. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early by the front gate for the official start of this event as eggs go fast once it begins at 4:30 (even 5-10 minutes late and you are likely to miss out). Be sure to bring a basket or bag to hold your candy and eggs. Don’t forget your camera! Due to the popularity of this event, we urge that you please limit 12 eggs per child so everyone gets some!