If you would like to audition or have more questions, please send an email to our Stage Manager, at auditions@ctfaire.com. For audition requests, please be sure to include a resume and headshot if you have them. Please prepare two contrasting monologues each under 2 minutes in length.


  • Who: Performers of all experience levels from ages 16 and up. Musical experience not required.
  • What: Auditions for the annual Robin Hood’s Faire.
  • Where:  64 Mill Street, Southbridge, MA
  • When: March 24-25, 2018
  • Why: Because we like to have fun and hope you do too.
  • You can request an audition slot by emailing your request to auditions@ctfaire.com


We’re on the lookout for volunteer stage hands for pre-show assistance. Volunteers will be assisting staff with the construction of various props, stages, sign painting, and general painting. Without a solid set crew there wouldn’t be a show.

If you’d like to help send us an email explaining your experience level. If you have a theater resume – even better.

Auditions! Auditions! Auditions!

Now is your chance to become part of one of New England’s most
exciting theater troupes performing for over 35,000 people annually.


There are a variety of roles available for our performance. Take a look at the options below and let us know what interests you. Talent is essential for all roles, but experience is not. Our professional trainers will get the right talent where it needs to be so sign up for an audition today.

Fairies Wanted
We’re taking our fairy grove to the next level this year and are seeking enthusiastic performers with high-energy to take on the challenge.

Singers Wanted
If you sang in high school, college, or madrigal groups this is fun that is right up your alley.

Musicians Wanted
Help us fill the streets of our village with the sounds of the past. If you play guitar, dulcimers, recorder, flute, brass, or other instruments we’d love to hear it.

Citizens Wanted
We need outgoing people with the talent to play the townspeople and nobility that breathe life into the village. These performers may work on stage, engage our guests in the street, or both. If you have no acting experience, but love the idea of trying something like this we applaud your enthusiasm – give it a shot. We are always happy to train the right candidates regardless of their experience level.

Jugglers & Stilt-walkers Wanted
No kingdom is complete without talented jugglers, stilt-walkers, and jesters. If you like the idea of “clowning around” throughout the show day this might be a dream role for you. We’re looking for individuals who can juggle, contact juggle, breath fire, use fire poi, walk on stilts, tumble, or do humorous things. 


If acting at the Faire is something you’ve always dreamed of doing – now is your chance. Audition!

The Robin Hood’s Faire’s acting program is instructed by veteran theater professionals who provide tuition-free training in character development, period dialect, period dance, improvisational drama, movement, public interaction, singing, stage combat, history, and voice as required by your role. This training is designed to further enhance your current skill set while also preparing you for the main event.

In addition to the above, other workshops may be introduced as needed by the current performance or to enhance the skills and abilities of the troupe. Some examples of these workshop include: selecting the right monologue for your audition, fight training, dance courses, group monologue training; audition techniques; and help with acting resumes. If needed, the Faire will also provide a complimentary headshot ($150 value) in digital format that can be used for future auditions or media releases.

One of the greatest aspects of our training program is the friends you’ll make along the way as well as opportunities to network with other performers in a professional setting. Working with us can really take you places.

Throughout the year our performers will have the opportunity to perform for over 35,000 adoring fans at The Connecticut Renaissance Faire and Robin Hood’s Faire. Thanks to our strong theatrical network, other performance opportunities may arise during the year.

What You Need
While experience is certainly helpful, we know how to spot a diamond in the rough and will train selected candidates regardless if they’ve never acted before. We’ve discovered some incredible performers that way and provided them with the tools they need to take their performance to the next level. What are we saying? We’re saying you don’t have to have an extensive theater resume, incredible headshots, etc. You just need to have talent, enthusiasm, and a willingness to learn.

What Our Auditions Are Like
Both new-and-veteran performers can find the audition process a bit unnerving. For some it can be difficult standing before a group of people and reciting a monologue or singing a song. Relax. Our team isn’t there to critique your work. Instead they’re trying to determine just how experienced you are and get an idea of what your talents might be. You’re a diamond and we want to see you shine.

The Cost
We provide all workshops and training at no cost to you. You read that right. There is no tuition or fee to be part of our theatrical program and we’ll provide you with the costuming you need for your role. All we ask from you is to be on time, be enthusiastic, follow direction, and be willing to learn. Everything else just falls into place.

Rehearsals will take place at our training facility in Southbridge, MA beginning on April 14th. On the weekend just prior to the show, dress rehearsals will take place on the faire site in Lancaster, MA.

Under the guidance of the Festival’s professional staff, apprentices may be asked to assist with administrative and technical theater assignments prior to, during, and after the performance.


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