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Share a day with us at the faire and you’ll see photo opportunities and human-interest stories around every corner. Until then, our media team has compiled a short list of potential story angles designed to inspire more ideas:

Six Free School Trips in New England
Every year the Robin Hood Springtime Festival hosts an educational School Day event for students. This student day adventure is free for students who are registered to attend before May 1. The festival’s goal is to inspire students to learn more about history through active engagement and hands-on experiences. By offering a reduced cost, more students will be able to attend the field trip. The Robin Hood Springtime Festival is just one business that offers free field trips for students. What other New England organizations do the same? You can learn more about school day here.

Five Connecticut Staycations You’ve Never Heard of
In July 2008, Governor Rell launched the Connecticut “Staycation” Program encouraging local families to discover all the state has to offer. The Robin Hood Springtime Festival is one of many hidden attractions along the roads less traveled in the state. Aside from the faire, there are many other hidden gems right in your back yard where you can have fun without needing to break the bank. What other unique attractions does Connecticut have?

Debunking Five Common Myths About Renaissance Faires
We hear a lot of comments from people who attend Renaissance Faires that they had no idea it would be so fun. Most thought they’d go because their significant other or parent made them, but end up wanting to come back again and again. Soon after their visit we’re an annual tradition. There are a lot of misconceptions about what a Renaissance Faire is and isn’t. For example:

  • Costumes not required: The belief you have to dress up in a costume to attend isn’t accurate. Many people attend Renaissance Festivals in everyday clothing.
  • It’s Just for Kids: Some think these types of festivals are just for kids not knowing that many are designed to cater to all ages. While there are shows specifically designed for children there are also plenty of other shows that cater to adults with jokes that will go right over their heads.
  • Only Nerds go to Things Like That: Some feel that Renaissance Faires are nothing but geek culture. Friends, family, or a significant other drag them along and then they discover how much fun the event really is.
  • They only sell turkey legs: While turkey legs are definitely a popular Renaissance Festival food staple, Faires serve a variety of themed-and-tradition food types to cater to the diverse audience that attends the show.
  • It’s Just a Show on an Outdoor Stage: A Renaissance Faire is a stage unto itself with continuous performances going on at numerous stages throughout the day all included with the price of admission. In addition to the stage shows there are musicians and interactive characters in the streets who engage guests to make them feel like they’ve stepped back in time. Guests of the show say the street interactions they have with performers is one of their favorite things and something you don’t find at an agricultural fair.

Festival Experiences Growth In Changing Economy
As gas prices fell in 2014, The Robin Hood Springtime Festival experienced a staggering 20% increase in attendance after years of being unable to break past their highest attendance number.

Interesting Entertainers
Our performers travel to Connecticut from around the United States and Canada. Many of these talented individuals have made appearances on national television including the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, Oprah, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, America’s Got Talent, and more. Discover what it’s like to be a traveling entertainer for a living; what these performers think of our local community compared to others they’ve visited; and learn what their show is all about. Contact Brian ( or 860-478-5954) to arrange an interview with one of our incredible entertainers.

The Renaissance of Social Media
The Faire’s Facebook fan page has nearly 27,000 followers ( who have subscribed to keep updated about the event. From there, Facebook drives traffic to the festival’s website where fans can get more information, take advantage of advance ticket sales, and have things pointed to before they are known to the public. Facebook also helps the event to engage festival fans while giving them a voice.